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Arts Alliance Overview
Six meetings per school year -  Thursday evenings @ 7pm at Doc’s

 Communication and an awareness of what is happening in the district is very important. We take turns attending PTO and school board meetings.

 We communicate with the wider community via Facebook and our website. We communicate with each other and the allied arts teachers of the district by sending a meeting agenda prior to each meeting
and distributing meeting minutes promptly.

 The chair meets quarterly with the chairs of the PT, Foundation 51,
and the district superintendent.

SEPT – Fund Raise (to fund Celebration of the Arts Events)
Members volunteer to sell calendars at school/grade level open house events.


Prior to meeting in October we encourage interested community members to join via district wide email or by speaking at Open House events.

In October we welcome new members.
Establish Arts Alliance liaisons for art and music teachers K-12.

Assess the financial state of the state & brgin to brainstorm for
Celebration of the Arts Grade  (COA) Level Events,
and the Family Arts Night (FAN) theme.

DEC – no meeting


COA Grade Level Events (take into account enrichment being funded for the year K-12 year by PTO & F51)
Art & Literacy Program K-5th Grades – schedule with teachers, recruit volunteers, purchase supplies, set dates and time
to hold workshops for volunteers
FAN – solicite raffle items (funds raised are given as scholarships to 2 GHS Seniors at graduation), invite performers, esp. from within the district, contact office and administration at GMS to confirm. 

Coordinate, oversee and execute:
 Celebration of the Arts Month grade level enrichment events, the Art & Literacy Enrichment Program, and Family Arts Night.

 APRIL Meeting
Recap FAN, Report out COA events, send thank you notes.

Present at school board meeting – optional.

MAY Meeting
Facilitate prep and installation of student art shows. Collect artwork from all grades for calendar. Determine GHS scholarship recipients.


Present scholarships at GHS graduation
Assist with PML Summer Reading Event &
end of year potluck dinner.

Welcome Flag Project prep & installation at GMS.
Past work: create art and event school year calendar.

For More Information contact current board members:

Kendra Rafford - mainefiberworks@maine.rr.com
Gloria Nicholson - glrnich@me.com
Jennifer Kimball - jkimball19@gmail.com
Pamela Ryder - pryder@maine.rr.com
Kate Silvers - silvers@maine.rr.com
Louisa Wickard - LBWickard@gmail.com

PO Box 6A,  Cumberland ME 04021 | www.msad51arts.org